The Pogues: “Thousands Are Sailing”

Posted: October 4, 2013 in THE CLASH of Cover Tunes
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Broccoli For Miles
And Miles And Miles
And Miles And Miles …
Oh Yeah!

Phenomenal song, simply phenomenal!!!Let me be clear, there is simply no way to improve upon The Pogues’ masterpiece. In some ways it seems foolhardy that lesser bands even attempt the task. Not sacrilegious, mind you, but seemingly self-defeating, impractical and ultimately foolish.

But in the immortal words of Hunter S Thompson, “But the ticket, take the ride”. So go ahead. You’ve got much to prove and might as well start making a name for yourself tonight. March on up to the cadre of Hells Angels at the end of the bar and slug the biggest one in the latissimus dorsi. Just please wait until I’m at least 15 miles down the road before you cash in that ticket …

The Original

The Pogues:


The Cover Songs Competition


Forget the naysayers! C’mon mate. That big dirty bastard is ripe for the taking …


Don Chambers & GOAT vs. Puck & Piper


Don Chambers & GOAT:

Puck & Piper:

Oh the disharmony! Much like Harlan County there are no neutrals here. Only one cover tune will live to play another day and it is your solemn responsibility to decide which one prevails. So tell me … Which Side Are You On?!!?

Also, keep in mind that if you should spontaneously self-actualize while playing a cover then you could – and probably should – nominate it for Top 10 (i.e. “Impeccable”) consideration.



Votes can be cast up to seven days from the day and time of the original post.

Disclaimer: Votes cast from Florida may or may not be counted.

  1. bornunderabadsign says:

    Don Cahambers and GOAT! raw quality and the opening notes are particularly eerie!

  2. RDubbs says:

    I went back and forth on this one a bit. The sound quality of Puck & Piper is much better but the grit of a live show at the legendary 40 watt scores big points for DC & GOAT. Midway through their cover when the crowd was enthusiastically singing along with the chorus, well that just makes for a great audio experience. Would have loved to have been there (and would have tipped my bartenders).

    I can’t remember where or how I came across these two recordings. I uploaded them to YouTube for the blog. Anyone ever heard of Don Chambers & GOAT? They seem to do a lot of covers of The Pogues so you gotta love ’em for that alone.

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