BSA: Mystery “Hotel California” Band Revealed!!!

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Blog Service Announcement
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Blog Service Announcement

Since being advised that the cover of Hotel California attributed to NoFX in CMI’s November 13th blog was in fact not NoFX, CMI staff have been working tirelessly through the nights (and occasionally during the days as well) to resolve this obviously very important issue. Depending on the web source, the song in question has been attributed to Me Too & The Gimme Gimmes, NoFX and Real Big Fish. Yet, despite the obstacles created by ubiquitous disinformation, our research efforts were rewarded this afternoon as we discovered that the version in question was in fact the product of Ska DaddyZ with help from Chencha Berrinches. Dr. Arnold Plotnick, a man who has dedicated his life to felines and anything/everything to do with the song Hotel California, confirmed CMI’s conclusion late today.

Thus, sleep well tonight, my friends. The pages have been forever turned on this most confounding chapter in cover music history.

  1. Arnold Plotnick says:

    Did you know that a bootleg version of the album that was released in Mauritania in 1983 had a slash through the “o” in the word “Hotel” on the label, the way the Swedes occasionally put a slash through some of their letter “o”s? Yet another fascinating finding in my extensive research on this masterpiece of a song.

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