BSA: Not Dead Yet …

Posted: December 20, 2013 in Blog Service Announcement

Blog Service Announcement

Just wanted to check in to say I am, indeed, not dead yet. Over the past week a time sensitive work project coupled with Holiday madness and family commitments rendered cover tune bloggage impossible. I think I’m pretty much caught up and plan to start posting more cover tune delectables soon.

space wanted



  1. bornunderabadsign says:

    In the power vacuum created by rdubb’s apparently interminable holiday hiatus, I decided to do a little covership of my own. White Punks on Dope is a song that occasionally haunts me, the machine-gun staccato of its inspiring chorus ringing in my ears for hours. Though I was never really a white punk on dope, but gee I do have ambitions, I am white, have been accused of being a punk, and occasionally well…anyhow for your listening pleasure, check these out…I have a split vote: Lust for Life and the Stanford U. Band

    The Original:
    The Tubes:

    Some Covers:
    The Stanford University Band:

    Lust for Life:

    Motley Crue:

    The Wet Fish Groovers:

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