Pete Seeger back to the camera

I don’t recall feeling worse over the passing of a person who I never knew or met. Pete Seeger, quite simply, was one of my favorite people. He seemed to embody everything that was good in the world.

Pete Seeger extending hand

“Turn, Turn, Turn”
Nina Simone:


Always on the right side of the issues.

Pete Seeger & Bob Dylan

“Where Have All The Flower Gone”
Peter Seeger:


Never bowing to McCarthy nor the seemingly endless procession of right-wing thugs to follow.

Pete Seeger young with banjo

“Bells of Rhymney”
Robyn Hitchcock:


Always ready to fight – nonviolently, of course – for the dispossessed and downtrodden.

Pete Seeger young by truck

“Little Boxes”
Pete Seeger:


Always ready to speak his mind regardless of perils or consequences

Pete Seeger old playing outdoors

“Waist Deep in the Big Muddy”
Dick Gaughan:


And always, always, always optimistic of the future.

Pete Seeger faraway look

“We Shall Overcome”
Pete Seeger:

Pete Seeger holding banjo happy hatPete_Seeger old with guitar

  1. Arnold Plotnick says:

    I had the pleasure of seeing Pete Singer perform in Central Park in 1973 when I was undoubtedly too young to realize the importance of the person I was seeing. I was with a school buddy and his older, hippie sister. I don’t remember the performance, although I do remember the camaraderie an good feeling in the crowd.

  2. ileneonwords says:

    Only ONE PETE SEEGER. Great tunes and interpreters you selected. Pete will live on in all of us who loved him deeply and were inspired by him. We must pass it on!!!!

  3. RDubbs says:

    Pete lived in upstate New York somewhere not too far from Rhinebeck. On one of Stephanie’s trips there to visit her family she passed an intersection with competing demonstrators on two corners. It was during the Iraq War Fiasco. Pete was front and center with the peaceniks. Across the street were pro-war military veterans. It was apparently getting ugly with insults and provocations beginning to fly. Pete strolled across the street and talked with the veterans one-on-one. I doubt he won any converts but he did manage to soothe emotions and both sides of the demonstration carried on peacefully and respectfully thereafter.

    I didn’t realize until I saw a documentary a few years ago that Pete had served during WWII. I’m sure his military service gave him some street cred with vets. But I’m equally sure that it was much more than the military background that allowed Pete to calm the situation; something you can’t put your finger on. Pete just seemed to always have an aura of goodwill and fellowship about him. It was innate, a gift. As much as the vets may have despised his position I assume they were able to see a man who loved his country, felt deeply committed to what he was doing, and meant no harm to anyone. How can you not love a person like that?

  4. TangoRomeoBravo says:

    Well Said, thank you.

  5. The Bug says:

    Monday was unbearably cold in St Louis, we did not get out of teens during day, Tuesday was not much better, now I know why the world was so cold. Thank you Dubbs for this tribute, I came to the blog looking for some shared sorrow. RIP

  6. greggo says:

    your brudda & I got to shake his hand when we saw him play at the Stephen Foster Memorial many moons ago. Here’s the transcript of his testimony in front of House Un-American Activities Commission. Great stuff, he stuck to his guns the whole way trough.

  7. Frank Winston says:

    Really sweet tribute to a wonderful man. Did i ever tell u how me and marty book got to meet him, and he was every bit as advertised. Sad day, but he lived a long healthy life and from what i heard died peacefully with family. Cant ask for more than that.

  8. Kerry Black says:

    I saw Seeger in Boca in the mid-eighties. There didn’t seem to be many in the audience my age or younger.

    I love Hitchcock’s cover of “The Bells of Rhymney”.

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