Jimi Hendrix: “Are You Experienced”

Posted: January 28, 2016 in THE CLASH of Cover Tunes
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Tune du Jour: “Are You Experienced” – Jimi Hendrix
THE CLASH of Cover Tunes: Patti Smith vs. The Mock Turtles
Peruse, Comment and Vote (I Beseech, Implore and Urge Thee, respectively)
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Broc 3 - Cover Me Impressed

Everybody’s Dressin’ Funny … Cover Me Impressed!


The Original


Jimi Hendrix:


Interesting Live Version


THE CLASH of Cover Tunes


Patti Smith vs. The Mock Turtles


Patti Smith:

The Mock Turtles:


Oh the disharmony! Much like Harlan County there are no neutrals here. It is your solemn responsibility to decide which cover song prevails. In other words … Which Side Are You On?!!? 


Disclaimer: Votes cast from Florida may or may not be counted.

  1. Cuspid says:

    Both covers here are pretty admirable. I had never heard Patti Smith’s version before. It’s not quite how I would have imagined her doing this one. But it’s still excellent. Patti SMith has never been afraid to cover rock classics and take them someplace her own. Gloria, So You Want To Be A Rock ‘n’ Roll Star, My Generation. And now this one.

  2. Arnold Plotnick says:

    Y’all know I love Patti. Have all her albums, and have seen her in concert about 8 times. But I really prefer the Mock Turtles version here. This song just needs to be crazy psychedelic. I would have expected Lenny Kaye to accommodate, but the song was surprisingly tame. Too tame for me. Turtles.

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