Tune du Jour: “Build Me Up Buttercup” – The Foundations
THE CLASH of Cover Tunes: The David Johansen Group vs. Save Ferris vs. Twenty One Pilots
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And In My Hour of Need, I Truly Am Indeed, Alone Again, Broccoli ...

And In My Hour of Need,
I Truly Am Indeed,
Alone Again, Broccoli …


One of the ultimate good-time songs. Syrupy, schmaltzy, bubble-gum gooey and the like? Sure but what of it? Build Me Up Buttercup still manages to endure as a retro-cool song that has brought smiles to the masses. You shake your head in disagreement? Well let me put this out there. When was the last time David Johansen wasted time on a song of no musical merit? Yeah that would be never. Still, if your senses are somehow offended by this old, played-out standby then I suggest you take the day off and come back tomorrow. The rest of us will just relax and revel in the saccharine absurdity of it all.


The Original

The Foundations:


A Creative, Fun and Obviously Memorable Use of Build Me Up Buttercup


Everyone gets into the act (like literally everyone) at Carly Fearnley and Rikki Sjamsul’s wedding, July 27, 2013!


And a Creative, Fun and Obviously Memorable Cover of Build Me Up Buttercup


Julia Nunes and friends and friends and more friends:


THE CLASH of Cover Tunes


The David Johansen Group vs. Save Ferris vs. Twenty One Pilots
The David Johansen Group:

Save Ferris:

Save Ferris has informed me that this is not their cover song. Never a dull moment on CMI …

Twenty One Pilots:


Oh the disharmony! Much like Harlan County there are no neutrals here. It is your solemn responsibility to decide which cover song prevails. In other words … Which Side Are You On?!!? 


Disclaimer: Votes cast from Florida may or may not be counted.

  1. Cuspid says:

    In truth, this songs really annoys me. It definitely is more tolerable as a ukulele number. But the version by Saving Ferris sounds the least like the original, and in this case, that’s good enough for first place.

  2. RDubbs says:

    Save Ferris, best known for their cover of Come On Eileen, which consistently makes top ten ska cover song lists, knocks out a very nice version of Build Me Up Buttercup as well. Very nice effort. Twenty One Pilots’ version teeters between brilliantly absurd and reach-for-a-razor-blade annoying. Yet they very nearly stole my vote with the clip of Tyler Joseph gallantly continuing on with the number even after being sawed in half by a maniac-propelled pickup truck! That act of heroism obviously garners an “A” for effort. But like a fine wine, David Jo’s tongue-in-cheek journey through Build Me Up Buttercup just keeps getting better with age. A perfect song for Johansen to speed-croon with excellent musical accompaniment.

  3. audreyhoman says:

    Wait, why can we not vote for Julia Nunes’ version for this?

  4. Arnold Plotnick says:

    I’ve always liked this song. I had the single when I was a kid. The Foundations also had another great hit, “Baby, Now that I’ve Found You”, which I also like. I thought David Johansen’s version was kinda weak. Interesting twist that Save Ferris isn’t actually Save Ferris. Whoever they are, I liked that version best.

    Speaking of oldies, I went to the Happy Together tour last night with a friend and saw Billy J. Kramer, Gary Puckett (he did Lady Willpower, Young Girl, and a few others), Mark Lindsay from Paul Revere and the Raiders (he did Cherokee Nation, Kicks, and Just Like Me), Gary Negron from Three Dog Night (Shambala, Celebrate, Eli’s Coming, One, and Joy to the World), The Cowsills (yes, they did Hair), and The Turtles (It Ain’t Me Babe, Happy Together, and others.) Was a lot of fun. Flo and Eddie from the Turtles said, before they performed their last number, “Don’t worry folks, we’ll get you all home by 11 pm so you can take your meds. Yes, we’re still a drug band, only the drugs now are Lipitor and FloMax.”

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