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Tune du Jour: “Anarchy in the U.K.” – Sex Pistols
THE CLASH of Cover Tunes: Barnyard Fury vs. Skandalous All-Stars
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I Am An Antichrist! I Am A Broccoli Head!


Ah, those were the days! When Mohawks, earrings, Dr. Martens and mosh pits were the domain of crazed, disenfranchised, young social deviants. Just how the Young-Republican suburbanite set managed to expropriate that phenomena I’ll never know. Although, sooner or later that crowd always plunders whatever it can from the commonality. But I digress…

Anarchy in the U.K. was the Sex Pistols debut single, released on November 26, 1976. It later appeared on the Sex Pistols first and, for all intent and purposes, only album Never Mind the Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols. Anarchy in the U.K. reached number 38 on the UK Singles Chart before their record label, EMI, pulled the record and dropped the band for its lewd behavior and notorious exploits. Reflecting on the record company’s decision, lead singer Johnny Rotten delivered this classic quote: “I don’t understand it. All we’re trying to do is destroy everything.”

In 2004 Rolling Stone Magazine named Anarchy in the U.K. number 56 on its list of the 500 Greatest Songs of all Time. According to Rolling Stone, “This is what the beginning of a revolution sounds like: an explosion of punk-rock guitar noise and Johnny Rotten’s evil cackle.” 

The Original

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Sex Pistols:

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THE CLASH of Cover Tunes

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Barnyard Fury vs. Skandalous All-Stars

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Barnyard Fury:

Barnyard Fury is a recipient of CMI’s universally coveted title of Uni Victor Melodious Maximus in Adversarial Replication. Among the title’s myriad of rewards and benefits, perhaps most desirous is that it bestows upon the recipient the eminently yearned for privilege of having one’s name appear in print media in bold yellow!

Barnyard Fury’s triumph in CMI’s THE CLASH of Cover Tunes competition is detailed below:

11/5/2013 – “I Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Was In” (Kenny Rogers & The First Edition) – Barnyard Fury (86%) pummel Mojo Nixon & The Second Edition (14%)

Skandalous All-Stars:

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Oh the disharmony! Much like Harlan County there are no neutrals here. Only one cover tune will live to play another day and it is your solemn responsibility to decide which one prevails. So tell me … Which Side Are You On?!!?

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