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Broccoli Fields Forever ...

Broccoli Fields Forever

Singles Only

Singles are cover songs without a mate (a.k.a. opponent). I’ve searched high, low and in between and my research indicates these particular songs were covered once and only once. Why would a band cover a song so obscure that no other band on the planet is interested in also doing so? How the hell should I know? But I do have a few of these rarities and it is now part of your solemn responsibility to listen to them. No competition on this day. Rather unabashed reverence, reflection and repose. Enjoy …


Learning How to Love You – The Original

Very nice tune hear by John Hiatt. That’s Ry Cooder on guitar and Nick Lowe on bass (and Sawyer and Claire on the beach)

John Hiatt:


Learning How to Love You -The Cover

Anne Richmond Boston, originally of the cult-favorite Swimming Pool Q’s, knocks out a sweet cover of John Hiatt’s Learning How to Love You.

Anne Richmond Boston:


Sailors & Soldiers – The Original

Based on my research, Phil Ochs never actually released this song. I could not find a studio or live version by Phil anywhere. If anyone knows of an available version by Phil then please let me know.


Sailors & Soldiers – The Cover

This cut is from a Phil Ochs tribute disc (“What’s That I Hear: The Songs of Phil Ochs”). Considering a version by Phil does not seem to exist I have no idea how Sid Griffin & Billy Bragg were aware of it or why they would have selected such an obscure number for the tribute disc. Musicians … Who the hell knows what’s up with them?

Sid Griffin & Billy Bragg: