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Tune du Jour: “Love Song” – The Damned
THE CLASH of Cover Tunes: Melt-Banana vs. The London Punkharmonic Orchestra
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Oh No! There Ain't No Broccoli Sauce...

Oh No!
There Ain’t No Broccoli Sauce…

Love Song by The Damned was first released as a single in April 1979 and appeared again in December 1979 on the band’s third and much ballyhooed release, Machine Gun EtiquetteLove Song was The Damned’s first hit, reaching number 20 on the UK Singles chart and earning the band a coveted appearance on Top of the Pops.

The Original

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The Damned:

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THE CLASH of Cover Tunes

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Melt-Banana vs. The London Punkharmonic Orchestra

The London Punkharmonic Orchestra:

The London Punkharmonic Orchestra hold the distinction of being CMI’s Reigning Exultant Virtuosic Performer of “Love Song“. Additionally, The London Punkharmonic Orchestra is a recipient of CMI’s universally coveted title of Uni Victor Melodious Maximus in Adversarial Replication. Among the title’s myriad of rewards and benefits, perhaps most desirous is that it bestows upon the recipient the eminently yearned for privilege of having one’s name appear in print media in bold gold!

The London Punkharmonic Orchestra’s triumph in CMI’s THE CLASH of Cover Tunes competition is detailed below:

10/15/2013 – “Love Song” (The Damned) – The London Punkharmonic Orchestra (60%) edge Red Letter Day (40%)

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Oh the disharmony! Much like Harlan County there are no neutrals here. Only one cover tune will live to play another day and it is your solemn responsibility to decide which one prevails. So tell me … Which Side Are You On?!!?

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