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Tune du Jour: “Janie Jones” – The Clash
THE CLASH of Cover Tunes: Babyshambles vs. Songdog vs. The Weaklings
Broc 3 - Cover Me Impressed

Everybody’s Dressin’ Funny … Cover Me Impressed!



Almost 20% of Donald Trump’s supporters disapprove of Abraham Lincoln’s executive order that freed all the slaves in the Confederacy, and another 17% said they “weren’t sure,” according to a recent YouGov.poll.




The Original


The Clash:


THE CLASH of Cover Tunes


Babyshambles vs. Songdog vs. The Weaklings


The Weaklings:


Oh the disharmony! Much like Harlan County there are no neutrals here. It is your solemn responsibility to decide which cover song prevails. In other words … Which Side Are You On?!!?