What’s It All About, Dubbie?

Cover Me Impressed (“CMI”) is a virtual Paradiso for lovers of reprocessed tunage, a.k.a. “cover songs”.  Each post focuses on a particular song and starting with it’s original version offers varied interpretations of the tune. In cases where a cover version of the song proves to be more popular than the original then that version will also be included. That brings us to the substance of the website, which is aptly titled, The Clash of the Cover Tunes. Here we offer cover of the subject song along with an opportunity to vote on the most deserving version. The version with the most votes will live to fight again, battling other cover songs in a future post.

So, more or less, what we essentially have here is a virtual Roman Coliseum of Cover Songs with patrons of CMI determining the victor amidst the tuneful carnage. Sound like fun? How can it not be! Patrons of CMI are encouraged to suggest their favorite cover songs for future competitions.

CMI welcomes bands, musicians, wandering troubadours, and their ilk, to submit their own cover songs for future competitions. CMI relishes the opportunity to introduce new bands. We don’t even mind that Dylan, Bowie, Springsteen and others have conveniently forgotten where they got their start …

CMI is also home to the much revered and even more ballyhooed, Hall of Excellence in Replication, honoring highly splendid cover songs across a variety of categories.


Contact Info:  covermeimpressed@att.net

  1. Arnold Plotnick says:

    I logged on today at 5:53 a.m. Am I the first official visitor to CMI?

  2. RDubbs says:

    Yes, Arnie, you were the first. For your efforts I will post two new cover songs tomorrow for your enjoyment.

  3. Pete black says:

    Nicked by the edge of Plot. Plot being the ancient Kloptonian measure of time.

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