The Who: “Won’t Get Fooled Again”

Posted: January 23, 2018 in THE CLASH of Cover Tunes
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Tune du Jour: “Won’t Get Fooled Again” – The Who
THE CLASH of Cover Tunes: Hayseed Dixie vs. Van Halen vs. Luciano


Remembering Larry Hagman …

Broccoli For Miles
And Miles And Miles
And Miles And Miles …
Oh Yeah!

Many people do not realize that psychedelic drugs saved Larry Hagman. No, it’s true. In the mid-1960s, Hagman suffered a nervous breakdown while filming the TV show I Dream of Jeannie. The crew carted Hagman off to a psychiatrist, who suggested he combat his anxiety with LSD. A few days later, Hagman’s friend Peter Fonda took him to a Crosby, Stills and Nash concert, where he was handed several tabs of acid by folk rocker David Crosby. Hagman claims that he saw his body’s molecular structure during that first trip. And after a few more tabs of LSD and a whole lot of marijuana our boy, Larry, was back on his game. Hagman was an amiable eccentric who enjoyed dressing up as a British policeman or a French legionnaire and leading impromptu parades down the beach. Upon death his wish was to have his body ground up and “spread over a field and have marijuana and wheat planted and harvest it in a couple of years and make a big marijuana cake. People would eat a little Larry.” Sadly his last request went unfulfilled …

And what does Larry Hagman have to do with music and this blog? Nothing.


The Original


The Who:


THE CLASH of Cover Tunes


Hayseed Dixie vs. Van Halen vs. Luciano
Hayseed Dixie:

Van Halen:



Oh the disharmony! Much like Harlan County there are no neutrals here. It is your solemn responsibility to decide which cover song prevails. In other words … Which Side Are You On?!!? 


  1. Cuspid says:

    It’s something of this magnitude that I expected as a sort of grand return for the blog yesterday. Unfortunately, the Luciano video is not available in my country. So I instead listened to Hayseed Dixie, Van Halen, and this version by Richie Havens ( I liked all 3 versions, which surprised me because I thought for sure that I would not appreciate Van Halen’s … but I did. I love almost all of Richie Havens’ covers that I’ve heard. I’d vote for him now, but he’s not on the ballot. Oy, what to do?!

  2. RDubbs says:

    Hayseed Dixie was good, surprisingly good. Not surprisingly, Van Halen tour it up superbly capturing the music portion. But I don’t like Van Halen’s voice and, in general, I cannot stand the band. Luciano did not exactly sweep me off my feet but they were fun and creative. They got my vote.

  3. Kerry Black says:

    I’m a huge fan of bluegrass, and I love the sound of acoustic string music, so I naturally take to something like Hayseed Dixie more readily than most. I thought they were surprisingly good, and enjoyed the frenetic mandolin parts. I expected I would vote for them.

    I never cared for Van Halen, but their version was better than expected.

    I ended up voting for Luciano ’cause I just love that island feel, mon.

  4. Pete Black says:

    Great Larry Hagman story. Hayseed Dixie predictably did their schtick which is OK but I find it harder to take them in songs over 2 to 3 minutes. I know the Van Halen track was live and maybe not mixed well but it was disappointing even for them. I thought Eddie might salvage some of it with some spiky or thunderous, growling genius but it sounded like a drunk brontosaurus. Clumsy, ham fisted sub bar band fodder until a good climax. David Lee Roth could be annoying with his narcissistic “I’m a sex god” persona but he was also a lot more fun than Sammy. Luciano did a surprisingly wonderful version to win by 3 touchdowns.

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